Leg 12 | Salvador, Northeast Brazil, Devil's Island, Grenada
World ARC 2020
February 13th to March 22nd
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2,300 nm
Jan 5th 2021
Feb 9th 2021
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Making our way up the Northeast coast of Brazil, we sail to our rendezvous with the World Arc Fleet at Cabadelo. We will have plenty of time for kiteboarding along the world famous coastline between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara, hitting the top spots of Cumbuco, Icaraizinho, and  Prea Jericoacoara. The consistent on-shore wind and flat water makes this coastline the top place in the world where the pro’s train.

We make our way toward Devil’s Island, with a brief one day visit to this former french penal colony for political prisoners, most famously, Captain Albert Dreyfus. Our next and final stop on this leg is Grenada, 690 miles to the northwest. Known as the Island of Spice, Grenada, is a volcanic island with lush tropical vegetation and beautiful waterfalls.

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