Apache is a magnificent yacht to sail and cruise.

One of two, twin-sailing-superyachts designed by Jacques Pierrejean, one of the world’s most famous and talented designers, and the world famous French naval architect Dominique Presles.

Together, they created a stunning sailing yacht--unique in comfort, safety, and performance.

her story

Over-spec’d, and over-built, in almost every way.

This is apparent as soon as you walk up to her at the dock.

One look at her enormous stainless steel fittings, and a mizzen mast that is over 80’ high, and you get an inkling of what she's capable of.


Although designed for cruising, Apache is at the same time, an extremely fast, and powerful sailing machine--with over 6,000 square feet of sail (upwind).

With its ketch rig, furling headsails, and hydraulic winches, Apache is designed so that all this power can be easily handled, and the sails can be tailored to accommodate, and remain balanced in, any conditions.


She cruises effortlessly at 10 knots, and can regularly hit 16+ knots offshore...(and this is not a planning hull).

There’s a story, told by one of the trimmers that was on-board the legendary 80’ Dave Pedrick maxi-yacht Nirvana.

Nirvana was on its way to Bermuda, boiling along with a full race crew and a full head of steam, and they see this sail appear behind them on the horizon. It keeps getting larger, and larger, and they’re all asking, what in the world could be overtaking Nirvana like that?


It was Apache….


and their 6 man crew just waved and grinned as they quickly passed and left Nirvana in their wake.

Purpose-built as a pure adventure cruising boat, meant to voyage the world’s oceans from the tropics to the polar regions, Apache was designed from inception to meet the most rigorous international safety standards with integral crash bulkheads, multiple watertight compartments, impressive stability curves, high-end machinery, and safety systems, among other items, to meet, large (>24m) commercial charter yacht standards.

Now, coming out of a multi-year refit, with new ownership, Apache is in the process of being re-certified with Bureau Veritas.


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